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@ the bioskop: Catch a Fire (2006)

The purity of forgiveness is captured and bottled in the true life story of Patrick Chamusso by director Phillip Noyce in the film Catch a Fire (2006). The film reveals a picture of the undisturbed town of Secunda’s violent past in the 1980’s. The film is another on screen collision between the ‘ bad Afrikaner cop and heroic Black freedom fighter’. The film boast the acting American actor Derek Luke who plays Patrick Chamusso and South African actor Tim Robbins.

Foreman of the Secunda Coal Plant Patrick Chamussois wrongfully accused of being a part of the terrorist organisation, and now South Africa’s ruling government, the ANC. The terrorist group is held responsible for bombing a section of the oil refinery that Patrick works for. It is amazing at what great lengths the Apartheid government went to –to make Patrick admit to something he did not do. The government caused harm to his family and also by witnessing the killing of his friend, Patrick was driven into the armed hands of the ANC refugee camp in Mozambique. Patrick abandons his family and friends with the intention of protecting them. The film then becomes a surveillance of Patrick who helps them locate the different terrorist camps in Africa.

A hurt Patrick is seen safely securing hid second bomb onto the main pipeline of the plant. The first bomb went off without a hitch. Nic Vos (Tim Robbins) had discovered Patrick’s next location n where he would plant the second bomb that would destroy the entire plant. The two just miss each other as Patrick begins his joyous exit off the plant, not before he is interrupted by flash lights which results in the Patrick’s car being thrown off road.

South African actors Bonnie Henna (who plays Patrick’s wife Precious) and Terry Pheto (Patrick’s mistress Miriam) play supporting roles in the film. The film has a many intense moments and moments that make you question what protecting your family truly means. It was refreshing to be given a true life account of the devastating 1980’s apartheid from a place other than Johannesburg. But watching it once is more than enough. I rate it 5 skopas.

The Jozi Zoo Night Tours



Visit the zoo at night and explore the zoo’s active nightlife.

The Joburg Zoo offers four types of night tours:

Sunset tour (4pm – 6:30pm)Moonlight tour (5:15pm – 8pm)Night tour (6:15pm – 9pm)

The sunset, moonlight and night tour packages includes entrance, parking, tour, bon-fire, tea, coffee, marshmellows and hot chocolate. You are welcome to bring your own picnic baskets. Cost R105 (for 15 – 20 people), R95 (for 21 – 34 people) and R85 (for 35 people or more).

Booking is essential (at least one month in advance)

Lebo Moalusi, 011 66 2000 (ext 216) lebo.moalusi@jhbzoo.org.za



FINALLY, ZAR films aren’t about Apartheid any longer


Anger. Bloodshed. Guns. Apartheid. Segregation. Betrayal. Child soldiers. More bloodshed. These recurring themes in our films leave me with the feeling of frustrated anger. Are Apartheid films a TRUE reflection about how far we have come?

When will we gradually move away from our oppressed thoughts that we are afflicting on ourselves? I appreciate the movement of our films from a hard point of view to exploring the softer side of our culture and modern South Africa.


@ the bioskop: Khumba (2013)

When did we stop being a community? Director Anthony Silverton brings suggestion in this heart-tugging film about the quest for unity – which indirectly rattles the high fences that we stand behind. Khumba (2013) is the sweetest animation story of a zebra who was born without strips on the lower part of his body. The

Insecurity swept over young Khumba (voice of Jake T. Austin)  as he grew up in an isolated zebra herd that had enclosed themselves around a waterhole in the draught-ridden Karoo. Encouraged by the folk tale of a magic watering hole Khumba escapes the zebra compound to encounter a pack of starving hyenas that chase him into the hooves of buffalo Mama V ( voice of Loretta Devine ) and a fearless ostrich Bradley ( voice of Richard E Grant). Unaware that the crafty leopard  Phange ( voice of Liam Neeson) has captured his scent and is on his trail.

The threesome excavate mountains trails and encounter erected fences to prohibit the wildlife within the game reserve from escaping into the wild. A scene to watch out for in the film is when the springboks scrum together with Khumba to push down the barrier fence of the game reserve. A sweet way of honouring the national squad. Khumba unknowingly is on the determined quest to get his strips that would led him into the cave of Phange. Instead of escaping the claws of Phange, Khumba sees the  magic waterhole within reach and he refuses to turn back.

The film is a refreshing addition to films about gangers, heists, apartheid, Coloured-accented robots and alien-invasion in Johannesburg that South Africa film industry is known for.  This is not the first animation film from Mzansi- remember Jock of the Bosveld? The film is by Triggerfish Animation Studio, in association to the Department of Trade and Industry, and they did an outstanding job with capturing the life-like motions of the characters. The film’s music compilation by Bruce Retief is uplifting and adds to the film’s experience. I give Khumba 8.5 skopas.


Hello Joburg. I am a Hip-Hop enthusiast



Mr Reynolds ‘Yerorp’  Mumba’s face lights up when ever he watches a new music hip hop music on Youtube. The hip-hop enthusiast has a mad passion for African hip hop as he believes they all have a shared passion : Africa.

Complete the phrase: I am….the best version of myself.

Describe your blog as a flavour? Chicken Tikka sauce

Why do you chose to share your passion for African hip-hop music with the world. Couldn’t you have kept them to yourself? Because I speak for an African audience, that has lost their identity through music (Hip-hop)

What are some of the stereotypes about  hip-hop that you don’t associate with? Hip-hop being associated with violence.

Which African hip-hop artist do you most admire? Kiernan “AKA” Forbes

Class of 2017. Are you ready for the big bad world? Hell yeah! I think the question should be is the big world ready for me.

After 2017? I’m going to  to surf were the waves take me.

What superhero would you like to save you from third year? Mr. Muscle

If you had to be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be? South Korea 

Money or Passion? Of course passion, because it defines you.

To keep up with the latest music Africa’s hip hop best have, follow Yerorp’s blog here

(Disclaimer: All the information above is the opinion of the blogger. I am not involved!)